Ransomware Ransomware Everywhere Not a Single Place to Hide! But, Microsoft has a simple solution to this problem to protect millions of its users against most ransomware attacks. Two massive ransomware attacks — WannaCry and Petya (also known as NotPetya) — in a month have caused chaos and disruption worldwide, forcing hospitals, ATMs, shipping companies, governments, airports and car companies to shut down their operations.

The Australian government has created a new military unit tasked with both defending the country's critical infrastructure against cyber attacks and launching offensive cyber strikes on foreign actors.

A ransomware attack has hit computers across the world, taking out servers at Russia's biggest oil company, disrupting operations at Ukrainian banks, and shutting down computers at multinational shipping and advertising firms.

Appearing in the JUNE 2017 edition of CRN magazine, Ry Crozier interviews Calibre One Business technology Consultant - Darren Gore.

Kaspersky published a report on insights gleaned from a global network of honeypots designed to emulate IoT devices. It said that attacks started arriving within seconds and “over a 24-hour period there were tens of thousands of attempted connections from unique IP addresses.”

An on-call engineer got a report from a customer that everytime they flushed their toilet, their PC rebooted...