The 2017 Calibre One Annual Awards

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The 2017 Calibre One Annual Awards

At Calibre One, we are as dedicated to our core values as we are to the growth and happiness of our staff.

That’s why we have annual awards. We seek to recognise those staff members who best reflect the attributes championed in our company values statement.

Our Awards are:

  • The EMPATHY Award: To reflect our core value of having empathy for the customer and their needs.
  • The COMMUNICATION Award: We communicate with customers in a clear and simple manner.
  • The ACCURACY Award: We strive to be accurate and thorough in what we do.
  • The EFFICIENCY Award: We constantly seek to minimise waste and maximise output and thus add value to Customer and Calibre One.
  • The ATTITUDE Award: We strive to build a positive team and family spirit.
  • The RESPECT Award: To reflect our core value of respecting others.

In addition to these we also have the Outstanding Performance Award for the person who best embodies all of these attributes.  This is the premier award – the Golden Oscar as it were!

To see all of our winners for this year please see the full presentation here.