AirBridge Networks and Calibre One  

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Calibre One
AirBridge Networks and Calibre One  

C1 Group Holdings (Calibre One) has taken a commercial and operational interest in AirBridge Networks – a Far North Queensland company with a strong market presence in Local government, health, transportation and mining. 

Who is AirBridge? 

AirBridge Networks provides high performance network technology services focusing on long range point-to-point communications providing connectivity in areas thought previously impossible or uneconomical.  

Partnering with industry leaders and using the strength and breadth of the Telstra network, the AirBridge solution establishes a high-speed connection from the source and shares it out to locations as far as 100km away and at speeds of up to 2Gbps.  This allows amalgamation of geographically disperse operations and a network that can scale quickly and affording all users the same unified experience.   

The AirBridge solution provides quicker deployment, reduced fixed costs and higher speeds over alternate delivery mechanisms, all of which provide an enhanced user experience.  The service can be used for all forms of Data, Video or other IP traffic. 


Improving Connectivity for Remote Communities 

Over the past year, AirBridge Networks has implemented reliable, robust network connectivity into communities and regions all over Australia. Their commitment to a pragmatic and holistic approach has seen the closure of many network “gaps” while saving their customers hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. 

AirBridge and Calibre One both see this as an important step to enhance the delivery of services and opportunities available to people in remote and regional areas around Australia.   

By leveraging our existing partnership with Telstra and providing fibre data services to regional customers we can then expand outwards via the Airbridge technologies. This in turn allows organisations to deliver more complete forms of access integrating their regional people into the main organisation, and providing faster internet, HD video and greater access to cloud services. 


Why Calibre One

It is in the Calibre One mission statement to Enhance Business through Technology. Through AirBridge Networks, we will be able to provide more people in more locations with access to better networks. This will open to them opportunities to enhance their lives and businesses that were not previously available.  

In South Australia, Calibre One has a significant regional customer footprint including the Barossa Valley and Clare wine regions and up through the Riverland region. In the Northern Territory, Calibre One works with the large majority of Northern Territory mid and enterprise businesses, indigenous councils and NFP regional service organisations. Many of these have between 5 and 10 sites in single remote community locations.   

Expanding Our Reach 

The Calibre One / AirBridge partnership will enhance the reach and capabilities of both organisations and adds to the already significant AirBridge customer base throughout Far North Queensland.  

Looking to The Future 

Calibre One and AirBridge are thrilled by the opportunity presented by this new partnership which will allow us to offer our services to more locations and more businesses than ever before.  

Watch this space!