What is an AirBridge?

An AirBridge is a layer 2 point to point connection delivered by AirBridge Networks.

AirBridge Networks specialise in the high-speed transmission of IP data over long distances. This allows for quality data services to be delivered into rural and regional locations with substandard connections, in turn creating opportunities for growth and prosperity in remote communities. By removing the limitations created by the lack of connectivity in rural locations, AirBridge Networks’ communications strategies expand potential for commerce and provide vital up-to-date internet services for whole communities.


Enabling Communication

AirBridge utilises a wide variety of Point to Point / Multipoint technologies to create a Layer 2 backhaul or multiple site connections over vast distances.

By removing the limitations that living and working in a remote or rural setting can present, forward thinking communications strategies open the possibilities for commerce and enable communities to provide vital up-to-date services for everyone.


Connectivity for Everyone

In many remote locations across the country, there is no mobile signal or copper or fibre in the ground, making connectivity a challenge. In these locations, AirBridge allows for services delivered to one building to be shared amongst an unlimited number of other buildings as far as 80km away!

AirBridge technology is about connecting more people than previously thought possible, at speeds not previously experienced. This solution establishes a high-speed connection from the source and shares it out to other locations, for a reduced fixed cost and offering a unified user experience.

Service Comparison

AirBridge in Partnership with Calibre One

AirBridge Networks Partners solely with Calibre One to provide Managed ICT solutions.

Calibre One have been providing trusted ICT solutions for more than 25 years and holds Gold accreditation partnerships for both Microsoft and Telstra Business.

Calibre One leverages its Australia wide presence of 52 staff members to provide a premium ICT management solution tailored to your business’ unique requirements and goal alignment.


Additional Options and Details

AirBridge Also offers a Rack Management Kit and a Rack and Power Protection Kit. To learn more about these kits or any of the AirBridge Service Offerings, contact us today!

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