And the winner is… Cryptominer!

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Marcelo Orlandi
And the winner is… Cryptominer!

By this time you have read, heard and have seen stories about ransomware, Petya, not-Petya, Wanna-Cry and many others in the wild. Every day there are more and more but hang in there as Comodo Cybersecurity Threat Research Labs’ first-quarter global malware report clearly shows that the new leader is Cryptominer!


During the first quarter of 2018 Comodo detected close to 30 million Cryptominer incidents form a total of 300 million malware incidents. The number of unique Cryptominer variants grew from close to 94,000 in January to near 130,000 in March. At the same time, ransomware activity and new variants fell from 124,000 in January to 71,000 in March, around a 42% decrease.


This increase in the number of Cryptominer infections started back in 2017, after the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed to $20,000. However, Monero has recently replaced Bitcoin for Cryptominers’ malware as it hides transaction parties and amounts, making difficult to be tracked.


Remember to always keep your software, mobile devices and any computer connected to internet updated at all time. And the addition of a proper and safe backup is a must.


Be safe out there. Until next Malware Monday.