Another Facebook bug

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Marcelo Orlandi
Another Facebook bug

It appears that there has been a Facebook security vulnerability that could have allowed attackers to obtain certain personal information about users and their friends, potentially putting the privacy of users of the world’s most popular social network at risk.

This vulnerability has been reported to Facebook by Imperva, and the company resolved the issues days later by adding some protections.

Before jumping to conclusions, let’s takes a step back to try to see the whole picture on this latest Facebook bug:

Every computer program is written using one or multiple program languages. Just to give you an example, based on  Visualcapitalism Google Chrome runs around 6.7 million lines of code, an airplane Boeing 787 has 6.5 millions of lines behind its avionics and online support systems, the Android operating system has around 12-15 millions of lines. Now, Facebook it is estimated run on 62 million lines of code.

I normally get confused when I have a program in front of me with more than 300 lines of code, imagine one with 12 millions of lines!

The point I am trying to get across is that when we start talking about millions of lines of codes, we may expect mistakes and unexpected situations with unexpected results. I am not trying to justify mistakes here, what I am trying to do is to present a reality.

Having said that, I suggest you go periodically through your security settings on all your social network accounts to make sure they have not been changed.

As always, be safe out there, until next Malware Monday.