Are you a CCleaner user?

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Are you a CCleaner user?

There are many people out there trying to keep their system clean and in a healthy state. This is when CCleaner comes handy. This little application cleans up temporary files, cache from Internet Explorer, Chrome and other browsers which make our system very slow.

Unfortunately, one CCleaner version v5.33.6162 was released with malware. This malware contained a multi-stage payload that steals data from infected computers and sends it to attacker’s remote command-and-control servers.

Some of the information that this malware collected were: Computer name, list of installed software including windows updates, list of running processes, and additional information such user admin privileges.

Are you a CCleaner user? If so, I strongly suggest updating it to the latest version, currently 5.34 or higher.

Until next Monday Malware!

Be safe out there.