Are you currently under cyber attack?

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Are you currently under cyber attack?

You may recall the post I wrote about Public Sector Organisations under Cyber-Attack, and also many other cases of sites being compromised resulting in leaked information.

In a perfect world, you should stop the bad guys before entering into your system. Or, ideally, they would not know that you even exist! This would prevent them from knocking your door to find vulnerabilities and use them to get into your systems.

This brings us to our next question, how do you know if you are being attacked? Is your system telling you something? And if it does not tell you anything and everything looks like its working fine, are you assuming that all is alright?

Think again. The Emergency Management at the Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet a year ago was told that there had been just only 13 cyber-attacks in the history within the organization. That number looks like a little bit odd, and it did look unusual to David Cullen who took up the job of Principal Advisor of Cyber Incidents a year ago.

After conducting a whole survey he found out that hackers were attempting to breach government systems every 45 seconds. Yes, you read it right, every 45 seconds.

As you can see, just because you do not see anything unusual on your systems, it does not mean that all is well. It is only a matter of time before somebody finds a way into your systems, and at that point in time, it may be a little bit late.

Then, let me ask you again, how do you know that you are not under attack at this very moment? Are you sure?

Take time to review your systems, and close any unnecessary door you may have opened to the Internet. You can also figure out your vulnerabilities through Penetration Testing. If you’re not sure what that is, I recommend reading my previous blog post: What is¬†Penetration Testing and why is it important?

And as always, be safe out there, until next Malware Monday.