Building a New Network for Keno in the Northern Territory

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Building a New Network for Keno in the Northern Territory

Calibre One is excited to announce a deal they have landed in partnership with Telstra and Cisco Meraki with SkyCity Darwin, the gaming and casino group that operates the NT Keno lottery network.

Keno is played in more than 70 sites across the territory, most of those sites are in metropolitan areas, but some of them are in regional and very remote areas, which has resulted in a lack of flexibility to add additional services, relocate or establish temporary locations and struggled with visibility and control over the performance of its WAN.

“SKYCITY is looking forward to building a relationship with Calibre One, Cisco and Telstra and have been impressed by their professionalism, knowledge and understanding of our business requirements,” said NT Keno executive manager Natasha Harvey-Baron. “NT Keno reaches the most remote areas in the territory, and we feel confident in the direction and technology Calibre One will be implementing.”

Calibre One will be responsible for ongoing network support and future expansion and will work with Telstra, NBN and Skycity to deploy internet services and the Cisco Meraki solution.

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