Internet access you can rely on

Telstra Business Broadband NBN & ADSL is a secure, high-performance internet service

with exceptional availability and scalability. It is designed to support small to medium business operations and provide a consistent, quality experience for your staff and customers.

The Telstra difference

Connect to the world via Australia’s largest network with the widest coverage and unmatched reliability.Whether you’re working from home, the office or you’re out and about, get peace of mind with a connection you can count on.Business grade technical support available around- the-clock.

Telstra’s high capacity network has full redundancy and inbuilt security, backed by proactive monitoring and management. You also have the assurance of 24/7 helpdesk support, while an online portal lets you view, troubleshoot and manage your service.

Telstra National Fibre Network

Telstra offer more Points of Presence in Australia than other providers, plus more than 900 Points of Presence world-wide for ease and speed of access.

Features and Benefits of Telstra Business Grade Internet Service

Direct access to one of Australia’s largest internet backbones through more than 88 Points of Presence locally. All capital city access points are connected with minimum 10 Gbps links to the core network with a maximum of only two hopsEase of access to your business across all Australian capital cities and many regional areas with faster speeds
Built in security measures at multiple layers and devicesHelps keep your communications and online transactions safe and private
24/7 monitoring and management of our network plus full redundancyHigh levels of availability to support your operations
Technical helpdesk, plus a dedicated online helpdeskHelps to ensure any issues are resolved quickly
A choice of pricing plansEnables you to combine economy with performance
CustData online portal – a secure portal accessible by most web browsers with easy navigation lets you:
• check monthly usage reports
• manage usage threshold alerts
• configure services, eg. routing
• test services
• log faults
• use performance reporting tools
• manage contact details
View and manage your service performance, plan network capacity and budget requirements
Static IP addressingEnables you to host your own content – additional IP addresses are available on request
Option of IPv6 addressingFuture-ready – use the new addressing protocol when you need to

Pricing Plan Options

Telstra has a range of Broadband Plans available with options for a reduced or waived install fee over 24 months.

per month
for 24 months
Min cost $2,400
(incl. $240 Professional Install & $240 Telstra Business Smart ModemTM) Data cost per GB 0.15c
per month
for 24 months
Min cost $3,480
(incl. $240 Professional Install & $240 Telstra Business Smart ModemTM)
Standard Plus speed
Pay $30 p/m for Premium
Applicable to NBN services only, ADSL speeds are dependant on location
Standard Plus speed
Pay $30 p/m for Premium
Applicable to NBN services only, ADSL speeds are dependant on location
Suitable for
Multiple users using the internet and managing a business with an online presence.
Suitable for
Multiple users engaging in online video conferencing, large file sharing, heavy use of the internet and cloud services.

Speed Tier Options Explained

Standard Plus

Access for multiple users to stream video, publish images and back up data to the cloud. Typical minimum speeds during business hours – 40Mbps (download) and 15Mbps (upload).


Multi-user access to super-fast internet streaming HD video, video conferencing, publishing hi-res images and backing up large data files to the cloud. Typical minimum speeds during business hours – 80Mbps (download) and 30Mbps (upload).

Your experience, including the speeds actually achieved over the nbn™ network, is determined by your service provider and the plan you choose and depends on the technology over which services are delivered to your premises and some factors outside our control (like your equipment quality and software).


Implementation and Commissioning of the Telstra Fibre Service

You have the choice to self manage the implementation and commissioning of your new Telstra Business Broadband service and bring your own router hardware, or Calibre One can manage this for you and provide options to suit your business needs.

To ensure performance meets expectations, we recommend Cisco Meraki or FortiGate hardware and Calibre One can undertake the professional services to,

  • Manage the commissioning with Telstra
  • Procure equipment for implementation
  • Deploy and Commission the Router on the service within your network
  • Monitor & Manage the Router on an ongoing basis
  • Provide ongoing Warranty Management and Device Replacement
  • Standard installation covers support during the Telstra installation phase, hardware customising & installation, and finally testing within your business network.

Hardware & professional services can be purchased outright (All-4-Biz eligible) and on a 24-month repayment option.


Bandwidth Tiers / DevicesRouter Model & SupportMonthly Cost
0Mb > 20Mb / up to 15 devicesCisco RV134N & 3Yr SmartNet$85
0Mb > 60Mb / up to 50 devicesCisco 897 & 3Yr Smar Net$275
0Mb > 1Gbps / up to 100 devicesFortiGate 60E-DSL & 3Yr FortiCare & FortiGuard$220

Calibre One offers a full range of services from deployment of routers to ongoing support and monitoring on both router and the Broadband Links. Our helpdesk assists customers with fault resolution and working with Telstra to get services operational more quickly. Talk to us about how we may be able to assist your organisation in the deployment and management of your Telstra Business Broadband Service.

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