Calibre One Wins SA/NT 2019 Telstra Partner of the Year!

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Hayley Imlay
Calibre One Wins SA/NT 2019 Telstra Partner of the Year!

Last week was the Telstra Partner Awards Ceremony in Melbourne.

During that dinner, Calibre One was selected as the SA/NT Telstra Partner of the Year! This award goes to a partner that demonstrates multi-domain portfolios and drives outstanding results in a very competitive market. As a result, Calibre One was recognised for the impact it has made on their customers across both South Australia and Northern Territory through setting digital transformation agendas that have led to positive outcomes for business and government.

Hayley and Darren showcasing the award

We are so excited to win, and we could not have done it all ourselves! A big thank you goes to our staff, customers, partners and the Telstra team across SA and NT who all made this possible.

A special thank you goes out to SkyCity Casino & NT Keno, as they were one of the projects that led to this recognition.

This project was a win-back from Optus to Telstra with Cisco Meraki SD-WAN across 75 locations including Darwin, Alice and many remote and regional locations. Our role in this project included transitioning the entire network with NBN, which required a great deal of site-specific work to get Telstra 4G working in hard to reach locations (oftentimes basements) with cabling and other mini-projects. This was completed with absolute success a few months back and is now getting a published case study for Telstra, us and Cisco. (Keep an eye out, we will be publishing that particular case study very soon!)

Calibre One stand out from the competition because it has a win-win approach to Telstra; they are a “better together” partner in NT, and work collaboratively with Telstra Sales/Domain Leads for successful outcomes for their customers.