To Cloud or not to Cloud, that is the question.

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Marcelo Orlandi
To Cloud or not to Cloud, that is the question.

Don’t worry, I don’t plan on quoting  William Shakespeare in my blog posts. However, Cloud is one of many magical words which we have started using not too many years ago, but what is The Cloud and how does it help me?

Cloud has changed the way people do business. Organizations no longer need to buy big and expensive servers anymore, as their data can be somewhere in the cloud hosted by a cloud provider. The beauty of this, and one of the biggest advantages, is that there is no need for a capital expenditure upfront and there is freedom to increase or reduce consumption at any time.

As it’s been said in the past, “cloud is somebody else servers”, so clear and so true. Cloud gives you the freedom to use and access your resources from anywhere, office, home and even when you are overseas. You don’t need to think about changing servers every three years because they are running out of warranty. It is like your servers are always up-to-date!


But what about Cloud security?


Well, previously when the servers where on-premise organizations had a firewall, intrusion prevention systems, antivirus, backups, and many other security measures to protect and keep their servers far away from the bad guys. But what about now that they don’t have the servers on-premise anymore?

Do you know if your organisation is implementing on the following:

  • Backing up your cloud data
  • Access management
  • System vulnerabilities
  • Account hijacking
  • Data loss
  • Denial of service (DoS)

The responsibility of securing access, backing up, and many other security measures still rely on you and not the cloud provider.

Keep this in mind next time you consider migrating your precious data to the cloud. And as always, if you have any questions, our account managers are more than happy to show you the right path.

Until next Malware Monday, be safe out there.