Darknet vs Deep Web

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Marcelo Orlandi
Darknet vs Deep Web

Are you aware that there is a dark side of the Internet? Well, probably not, as Google normally does not show that part of the internet.

Hackers, malware and personal details of millions of people can be found in the Darkside of the net. In addition to that, you can find drugs, guns, and ammo. Do you know that Medicare records of Australian people were for sale on the Darknet for just 0.0089 bitcoin (around AU $30)? Scary….

As a security researcher Brian Krebs calls the “hidden crime bazaars that can only be accessed through special software that obscures one’s true location online.”

It is important to differentiate Darknet and deep web as they are not the same. Deep web refers only to the part of the internet which is not discoverable through a normal search engine such as Google, but it does not mean the content is illegal. One example is the page of your bank showing your personal details, credit card transactions, etc. All these types of pages are not indexed by Google so you can’t search for them.

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