Do you reuse your passwords?

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Marcelo Orlandi
Do you reuse your passwords?

Have you ever stopped to consider how many passwords you have? Are all of them the same or similar?

Let’s put a small list together of possible passwords you may have for this exercise:

  • Online Banking
  • Credit Card PIN
  • Debit / Saving Card PIN
  • Personal email
  • Business Email
  • Reward cards (i.e. Flybuys, Frequent Flyers, etc)
  • Online shopping stores

And this is a very, very short list of accounts and passwords which you may have today. Are any of them the same or similar?

Hackers today are really happy as, according to a recent study conducted by LastPass:

  • 59% of people mostly or always use the same password
  • 53% of people have not changed their password in the last year
  • 64% want to remember easy passwords, who doesn’t?

If you are part of this statistic you can do something easy to be safer, participate in the World Password Day! Just refresh at least one of your day-to-day passwords to make your digital life a safer one.

Be safe out there, until next Malware Monday.