Emotet has reemerged, now targeting Australian businesses and individuals

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Marcelo Orlandi
Emotet has reemerged, now targeting Australian businesses and individuals

Emotet has recently reemerged, now targeting Australian businesses and individuals. If you don’t remember Emotet from the havoc it caused a few years ago, keep reading.


What is Emotet?

Emotet is a banking trojan malware program which obtains financial information from the infected computer. There are some indications that it was first reported in Germany, Austria and Switzerland back in 2014. Now you may say, “Aha and your point is?”

The ACS (Australian Computer Society) has recently released an article that this not too old, not too new malware has reemerged and it is targeting Australian businesses, individuals, critical infrastructure and government agencies. Do I have your attention now?

The ACSC (Australian Cyber Security Centre) raised the alarm in the middle of October that the malicious software had been infecting devices in Australia through phishing emails.

Now is the time to be on high alert, as you may be one of Emotet’s new Australian targets.


Phishing Email are Not New

You should not be surprised that Emotet is using emails as a means to reach you. If you need a refresher on how this works, I have been posting many articles over the past few months focused on phishing emails used as a means to deliver any sort of nasty malware.

See below just a few of these posts:

Well, like with any malware, remember to keep your Microsoft Windows fully patched, applications up to date, and always have an up to date endpoint protection on your computer.

And as always, be safe out there, until the next Malware Monday.