End-users responsible for most breaches

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End-users responsible for most breaches

We all know that having a proper antivirus, backup and other technologies will help us keep the bad guys far away from our computers and data. But that is not all true.

As you may be aware the Notifiable Data Breach scheme came into effect on the 22 February 2018 and the release of the first report from the  Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) has revealed that most of the breaches were a consequence of human error.

Some of the information leaked was:

  • Person’s name
  • Email
  • Home Address
  • Phone Number

The industries more affected were Health Services Providers (15 reports), Legal, Accounting and Management Services (10 reports) and others.

To reduce the chances of this happening to you, please follow these cyber-hygiene practices:

  • Be careful when opening email attachments from unknown people
  • Be careful when clicking on links from external emails
  • Be conscious of websites visited

And of course, always keep all your systems updated and protected at all times.

Until next Malware Monday, be safe out there.