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What is Iterra IP Satellite?

Iterra IP Satellite is an Internet Protocol based, data networking solution providing high speed private network connectivity across Australia, on a temporary or permanent basis, to locations beyond the reach of Telstra’s established terrestrial infrastructure.The Iterra®IP satellite solution provides Telstra customers with high-speed data communications on or off the beaten track.
Iterra® IP Satellite offers Australia wide coverage with seamless interconnectivity to Telstra’s Next IPTM (MPLS) network, connecting remote Australia. Iterra® supports a range of voice, video and data applications to easily extend your remote operations.Each solution is tailored to your business requirements.
With Telstra Iterra® IP Satellite solutions you have a choice of fixed or transportable on-site installations. Along with fast reliable data plans to fit your specific requirements, our flexible pricing plans and purchasing models offer tailored solutions to meet your business requirements. Keeping your businesses connected and operating remotely and no matter where you are.
Iterra® utilises Telstra supplied modems authenticated to access the Iterra® IP Satellite network, Ku frequency bands, spot beams and time divisional multiplexing for
up and downlinks to help protect communications. In addition, modem authentication and virtual private networks with physical and logical separation ensures your communications stay secure.

Iterra’s Value Proposition

For organisations with operations beyond the reach of traditional connectivity solutions, Iterra® IP Satellite can provide a secure, fast and reliable access to either IP networks or Internet.

Iterra® IP Satellite is capable of servicing one, or a network of remote sites, at either on-shore or off-shore Australian locations. These remote sites may be Fixed, Transportable or Maritime installations, using purchased or rented equipment.


Iterra ®IP Satellite offers Australia wide coverage with seamless interconnectivity to Telstra’s Next IPTM (MPLS) network, connecting remote Australia.


Providing solutions tailored to your varying requirements with our flexible pricing plans, purchasing models and value added services for your business operations, through a single point of contact. Given satellites capabilities and coverage across Australia, Iterra offers customers flexible solutions with our quick deployable trailers. We also offer interim solutions whilst infrastructure is being built.


Our dedicated 24/7 Network Operations Centre manages and monitors your services, providing peace of mind, helping you drive cost efficiency, productivity and collaboration from virtually anywhere


How it works


Target Market

Iterra targets industries requiring a variety of data dependent services including audio/video conferencing, telephony, internet access, and VPN access. Typical Iterra segments include:

  • Natural resources: mostly mining for expeditions, energy
  • Government: providing services to remote communities such as Health, emergency services
  • Agriculture
  • Education and Research

Product construct

An Iterra® IP Satellite service comprises of the following construct where value added services are optional.

*only available for transportable installations.

Iterra® IP Satellite provides customers extended connectivity in remote locations. Often Iterra® extends and adds value to existing customer services.

Compatible Offerings

  • TID
  • Ethernet Lite/MAN/Line
  • MDN
  • MPLS


  • Service coverage is subject to link budget calculations and site survey
  • Hardware installed on-site is subject to location and maximum data rate that the service will pass
  • Self-installation of services is not permitted. All installations are managed by the Iterra team.

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