Google+ User Data Exposed

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Marcelo Orlandi
Google+ User Data Exposed

By now, you should not be surprised when you heard about another leak of end users data. Just last month one hotel chain lost 130 million guest records and previously Ticketmaster reported a big security breach.

Maybe that is one of the reasons Australians are concerned that their medical records are planned to be hosted in the cloud.

AToday there has been more end user’s data leaked. This time from Google+, which is being shut down after 500,00 users had been affected.

Do you use Google+?

The Wall Street Journal reported that Google knew about this leak since March, but decided not to inform it.

Google+ was launched back in 2011, likely in an attempt to compete with Facebook.

In a post published on 8 October by Ben Smith, Google’s Vice President, it was announced that one of the reasons behind this closure was to protect your data. There is not much information about what sort of data has been leaked, as the firm appears keen to play down its importance. I hope that more information will become available in the coming weeks.

As always, keep all your passwords secure and if possible use multifactor authentication.

Be safe out there, until next Malware Monday.