Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are now being targeted

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Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are now being targeted

You may remember a while ago when I discussed the IoT and why you should know about the Internet of Things. Nowadays, the bad guys are targeting industrial control systems (ICS) environments.

In general concept, both IoT and ISC are similar, however, ICS is heavily used in the oil and gas industry. As a result, they have suddenly become a very valuable target for adversaries.

A report from Computerweekly revealed that Dragos recently discovered a new activity group targeting this industry. This brings the total number of ICS targeting activity groups that the security firm tracks to nine, five of which directly target oil and gas organizations.

Unfortunately, just like the IoT devices, ICS are not prepared or built for security. This means that you can not install an antivirus / anti-malware on the devices itself so you need to think about how to “isolate” or build walls around them to increase their security.

ICS devices are not only used in oil and gas companies, but also in utilities, meaning that this type of sector is also vulnerable to this type of attacked and threat.

You may think, “That is all fine but I do not work or have an oil and gas company, nor a utility.” and that is fine. However, remember just a few weeks ago when we discussed the “Telstra outage which cost retailers $100 million in 5 hours?“. You probably did not work for Telstra and you were still one of the affected. What will happen if you do not have gas on your premises for a day or so? Do you have a restaurant? Coffee shop? What about no running water, as there is no electricity?

It is easy to see the domino effect this may have on everybody’s lives if this becomes a reality.

As always, be safe out there and until the next Malware Monday.