Let’s go shopping!

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Let’s go shopping!

Who doesn’t love shopping? Moreso when Black Friday comes around, and Boxing day is around the corner, and so on and so forth…. how can we resist not to get the latest gadget when it’s 50% off!!

I know, it is hard, but at the same time the bad guys also know that. And guess what? They are using it to scam you!

According to the Australian Cyber Security Centre, online fraud and shopping scams are among the top cybercrimes targeting Australians….. the question is, are you one of them?

Do you know that the ACSC receives one cybercrime report every ten minutes from individuals and businesses? The most common types of cybercrime reported are identity theft, online fraud, shopping scams, online romance scams and business email compromises.

The ACSC recommends a few practical and simple steps to stay safe this holiday season:

  • Use strong but different passwords on important online accounts
  • Avoid online payments by direct bank transfer or other usual methods (such as Bitcoin) because many scams will ask people to pay this way.

In addition to that, keep all of your systems secure, and remember to update them and have proper endpoint protection.

And as always, be safe out there until the next Malware Monday.