Malware in Android Camera Apps

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Marcelo Orlandi
Malware in Android Camera Apps

How many camera apps do you have on your phone?

For example, Photo Editor Pro, Open Camera, Sketch Camera, and many others can be found on Google Play just by browsing. But not all of them are doing only what they say.

A popular antivirus company, Trend Micro, has found several of those apps, identified as AndroidOS_BadCamera.HRX, available. These apps are camera and photo apps, and are primarily beauty camera apps (think: face filters, photo editors, etc.)

Some applications, once installed on your device, will start pushing unwanted and even pornographic material, some will send you to phishing sites and some may even steal your photos. Very nasty…..

Some applications present malicious ads in which the customer has to pay. Even if you pay for the service supposedly provided nothing will be delivered.

Other ways they try to trick you is to push pops up saying you have one a free gift, but when this is accepted the person is sent to phishing sites that then asks the user to enter personal information.

Trend Micro has already reported this to Google and Google has removed those applications from the portal. However, you always need to be vigilant and cautious when installing applications, even when they are coming from Google Play.

And as always, be safe out there, until next Malware Monday.