MasterChef finalist lost $250,000 by hackers

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MasterChef finalist lost $250,000 by hackers

Do you remember Dani Venn from the MasterChef TV shot on 10? She was finalist back in 2010 of this popular TV show.

However, she is back into the news, not because of her cooking abilities, but because she’s just lost $250,000 by hacker attack.

She had sold her semi-rural property and the money was stolen when her conveyancer’s account was hacked.

It is understood that the criminals breached the new electronic property transfer system run by Property Exchange Australia (PEXA).

If you read through the news you will find out that not only in this case, but in many other attacks and frauds as well, the attackers get access to the end-user account through the use of easy-guess passwords or phishing emails. Once the password is obtained it is easier to access any high secure environment such as the end-user bank, emails, etc.

Please remember to be vigilant when receiving non-solicited emails, even if they are coming from your friends!

Be safe out there, until the next Malware Monday.