May 2017 : the month in Ransomware

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Marcelo Orlandi
May 2017 : the month in Ransomware

May 2017 shaped up to be the busiest ransomware month to date. The bare statistics speak for themselves: a total of 79 new strains came out and 38 existing ones received updates. Extortion-based cybercrime is obviously more prolific and ubiquitous than ever. Last month, the world confronted the unprecedented WannaCry ransomware epidemic employing NSA exploits. In fact, the aftermath of this outbreak remained a major issue weeks afterward.

To top it off, a slew of junk ransomware samples and quite a few sophisticated ones went on a rampage. To their credit, security analysts were able to release 19 free decryptors.

Although the scourge of ransomware keeps assuming new characteristics, the defenses are invariable for the most part. As before, nothing beats data backups as a damage mitigation strategy. No prevention tactic works better than proper online hygiene. Steer clear of shady websites and fishy email attachments, don’t linger with applying security patches for the operating system and third-party software, and you’ll be good to go.

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