• Microsoft Teams
    As a user of Skype for Business for meetings, instant messaging, audio and video calls for several years, I was surprised to learn that Microsoft is bringing this application to an end.    As an integral part of most Office 365 plans, Skype for Business (S4b) offers a cost-effective method of communicating with colleges, clients and business. However, Microsoft has recently announced the retirement of Skype for Business with the functionality transitioning to Microsoft Teams. For regular users of S4b, this means coming to grips with the new Teams functionality and layout.    So what
  • Most Australians will know that the telecommunications industry was built on copper networks, the limitation with copper is that it is expensive to manage, degrades over time and is affected by water and lightning strikes. The original copper PSTN network also lacked functionality that businesses enjoy today such as call
  • The race of having the fastest computer on earth is still going. Now the Energy Department at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tenessee has the fastest, and probably one of the most expensive, computers in the planet. However,  you may be asking, how fast is fast? Well, just to give
  • Microsoft flow
    As Office 365 now approaches 10 years in service, it is only now starting to become the unified whole that Microsoft first envisaged. In the early years, it was most definitely a collection of components that didn’t really work together seamlessly. However, as times are changing and in the last
  •   CES (Computer & Electronics Show), which is the world’s largest technology event, was held in Las Vegas from the 9th to the 12th of January. Unfortunately, Calibre One did not get the opportunity to send anyone to attend this year. However, we wanted to share our research on some of