• Microsoft flow
    As Office 365 now approaches 10 years in service, it is only now starting to become the unified whole that Microsoft first envisaged. In the early years, it was most definitely a collection of components that didn’t really work together seamlessly. However, as times are changing and in the last
  •   CES (Computer & Electronics Show), which is the world’s largest technology event, was held in Las Vegas from the 9th to the 12th of January. Unfortunately, Calibre One did not get the opportunity to send anyone to attend this year. However, we wanted to share our research on some of
  • Elon Musk and his various enterprises are pretty good at disrupting established industries  – just ask the auto industry what they think.  We’ll he’s at it again. This time no doubt getting the pulse rate up on more than a few of the world’s truck manufacturers. A few days ago,
  • This week Apple launched the iPhone X (pronounced iPhone 10) with the usual Apple hoo-ha and, as usual, the faithful lined up and brought millions. So what’s so important about this phone? Well, two things – the elimination of the Home button and the introduction of a new security login
  • Earlier this week, Telstra announced the availability of their new Telstra TV box 2. Finally, it looks like we will now have an appliance on the Australian market that offers all our favourite streaming services PLUS free to air broadcast TV in one device. Up until now, those of us