Pro Soccer Player’s £5M Mansion Raided after Social Media Skiing Post

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Marcelo Orlandi
Pro Soccer Player’s £5M Mansion Raided after Social Media Skiing Post

Everybody likes to share photos when on holidays using Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.. However, sharing too much information can lead to unexpected consequences like what happened to John Terry.

Back in February 2017, 36-year-old Ashton Villa defender and former Chelsea captain John Terry shared a picture of himself and with his wife Toni, 35, with his 3.4 million Instagram followers. The picture shows the couple standing on the slopes of a ski resort in the French alps. Terry included the caption “a great few days skiing with the family” with the image.

A duo of bad actors apparently saw the post and realized Terry’s £5 million mansion must be empty. Armed with axes, they went to the professional soccer player’s home at 10:30 pm on 25 February and stole approximately £400,000 worth of goods. The lifted items included £126,000 worth of luxury handbags and signed first edition Harry Potter books valued at £18,000.

As this story shows, nefarious individuals have no qualms against using social media posts to abuse our absence, invade our privacy, and vandalize our homes and personal belongings. Users therefore need to be careful about what they submit on social media. That’s not to say they shouldn’t necessarily post pictures from vacation, but in the very least, they might want to wait until they get back from vacation to do so.Read the original article here.