All purchases made from Calibre One Pty Ltd are made on the following Terms and Conditions. These terms and conditions supersedes any previous agreements.
  1. The credit account must be paid in full on or within 30 days from the end of the month of the invoice.
  2. Orders/invoices/service work exceeding the trading account limit must be paid for in full as a COD account.
  3. Any Hardware orders exceeding $2000.00 require a 50% deposit on placement of the order or as detailed on the specific quotation.
  4. Overdue accounts will result in the suspension the account until it is brought into line with the trading terms.  Continual misuse will result in the permanent withdrawal of credit facilities. Interest may be charged on Overdue accounts at the discretion of Calibre One Pty Ltd at a rate of 5% calculated every 14 days. Further, service/support may be suspended while the account remains in arrears.
  5. Errors and Omissions Excepted.
  6. Warranties for all items are vested with the manufacturer unless otherwise agreed to in writing. Calibre One Pty Ltd offer to endeavour to correct any problems, and will forward equipment to manufacturers and distributors where necessary. All freight costs are the responsibility of The Customer. Please note that the warranty may not be available until the goods are paid for in full.
  7. Calibre One Pty Ltd shall retain legal title to all goods and services, as delivered to the purchaser, that are debited to the purchasers credit account with Calibre One Pty Ltd, until such time as those goods and services are paid for in full. The purchaser further agrees to take all reasonable steps to safeguard all such goods for Calibre One Pty Ltd until such goods are paid for in full. The purchaser further agrees that all or any goods supplied by Calibre One Pty Ltd and identifiable by Calibre One Pty Ltd in the purchaser’s possession, shall be surrendered to Calibre One Pty Ltd, upon it’s request to the value of the amount outstanding on the credit account, should the purchaser breach any term or condition herein.
  8. Upon despatch from Calibre One Pty Ltd the items are determined be at “The Customer’s risk”.
  9. Cancellation of an order or return of invoiced goods will forfeit any deposit made. All returns must be made within seven days and will attract a restocking fee.
  10. The rights and warranties implied by the Trade Practices Act and Statutes of South Australia apply only to the limit to which they may be restricted by law.
  11. Calibre One and/or it’s agents is expressly excluded from any liability arising from consequential loss or damage arising out of the use of or occurring in respect of any goods supplied.
  12. The applicant approves and accepts that Calibre One Pty Ltd and/or it’s credit agency will contact the supplied trade references to confirm credit history and may also perform a commercial credit check for the purpose of this application.
Please note that by signing this document you are acknowledging that you agree to abide by our Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale.
Calibre One Pty Ltd reserves the right to alter these Terms and Conditions as it deems necessary without prior notice.