Veronica Cyclone: Is Your Business Cyclone Proof?

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Veronica Cyclone: Is Your Business Cyclone Proof?

A few weeks ago, the Veronica Cyclone brought a year’s worth of rain in just a few hours. This was a good reminder to think about backup plans for your business, although the best time to think about this is before a disaster.

Is your business in a cyclone prone area? Can you run your business without phones, computers, internet and/or power? Sometimes, we are so caught up in the day-by-day business, we forget all risks that external factors bring to the equation.

This leads to my next question, do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place? Have you tested it recently? Has your business changed in any shape or form and you have not updated it?

What is a Disaster Recovery Plan?

A Disaster Recovery Plan is a documented, structured approach with instructions for responding to unplanned incidents.

A cyclone is not the only event which can put your business at risk. What about a long period of a power outage? Or what if nearby construction accidentally cut your internet connection, leaving your business without internet for days?

Or something more common every day: a Ransomware Attack. We had discussed in the past about Ransomware attacking backups, and Ransomware vs Cryptocurrency, and I believe it is one of the most overlooked risks for any businesses today.

Do you have a plan B if your business is compromised?  Or, to make it simpler, how long can you run your business without computers?

I leave this question for you to answer as there are businesses that can run for days, while others only a few hours before starting to lose a lot of money.

If you want to have a conversation about any of this, feel free to give us a call to discuss your needs. Sometimes it is good to have a second opinion.

And as always, be safe out there, until the next Malware Monday.