Whatsapp Subscription Service Interrupion – Phishing Scams

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Marcelo Orlandi
Whatsapp Subscription Service Interrupion – Phishing Scams

Do you use WhatsApp? I do every day, and more Australians are using it each day as well. As a matter of fact, in the European Union, governments are concerned that the communication using this application is encrypted, which makes it difficult to see what is being said!

Having said that be aware that there is currently a phishing scam campaign targeting Whatsapp users. This phishing scam informs the user that their service will be interrupted – typically a notification you receive when you’ve missed your monthly bill.

Since the service is free, how can it possibly be interrupted due to a missed payment? Well, that is the catch, if you don’t pay attention when receiving the email you may open the link, where a fraudulent page will start asking for credit card and personal information.

Make sure to pay attention to any email and/or SMS asking for personal details.

Be safe out there.